About Us

About The Electric Jukebox Company

The Electric Jukebox Company was established by Rob Lewis, previously founder of music service provider Omnifone, and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year, when he tried to find an easy to use music streaming system for the home to replace his mum and dad’s old HiFi. He found music streaming services alienate many consumers by forcing them to commit to credit card subscriptions and to endure needlessly complicated apps for computers and smartphones when most people just want easy access to the music they love. In a YouGov poll commissioned for The Electric Jukebox Company only 8% of consumers subscribed to music streaming in the UK, while less than 50 million people subscribed worldwide.

The Electric Jukebox Company was created with the belief that everyone has the right to music in their homes and lives. We believe in simplicity over complexity and are dedicated to creating plug and play music products that are super easy to use. And so we’ve created Electric Jukebox; the ultimate music machine for your home. Electric Jukebox turns your TV into a jukebox with millions of songs to enjoy in CD quality. It has all your favourite music; with instant access to all the best albums, songs, charts and celebrity mixtapes – all without a monthly subscription. It just works out of the box; simply plug in to your TV, connect to WiFi and play; its as easy as putting on a CD or switching on the radio.