Electric Jukebox is an innovative, upstart music entertainment brand, building music streaming products, content and experience for the home – all designed to help bring families together. Our core belief is that families are being underserved by the music streaming services out there. Not only are they far too complicated, but they simply don’t inspire parents and children to connect and bond together. Since human kind began, music has brought us together. It started with campfires which brought village communities together. And, ever since, pianos, gramophones, jukeboxes and CD players have all got us off our seat to dance to the beat. Even gigs, festivals get us stomping our feet. Whatever the situation, no matter the instrument, wherever it took us, music was an art form that we shared. Step forward to today and the convenience of digital technology means that anyone can find a song with a quick online search. Streaming music through cell phones and tablets are at the heart of this, where listening to music is a personal experience. We say that’s fine. But, it’s taking away what music does best – connecting us together. We believe music is a gift designed for sharing, not headphone wearing.


We want to help families live better lives through high-quality music entertainment products, content and experiences. Today, children spend far too much time isolated away from their family on mobiles, tablets and video games and we want to change that. We believe music is a special gift that is designed to be shared. As an art form, music has always played a special role in humankind. From teaching the kids their ABC’s to building self confidence in children with learning difficulties. Music unites us. It gets the conversation going. It reminds us of all the good times and best of all, it gets us sharing those experiences with our friends and family. So, we are on a mission to bring more joy to people’s homes throughout the world.


We’re a big believer in paying it forward. In our case, that means giving back to the community of music makers and music lovers. (Wow that’s a lot of people!) What we’re doing is keenly exploring ways to make music even more accessible. Music has benefits in lifting mood and keeping bodies and minds active. We’re a big believer in music’s ability to help those with challenges and disabilities. Stay tuned for more coming soon. If you’ve got a project that you’d like to discuss with us, then please get in touch.

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